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Spring River Flower Moon Night

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Spring River Flower Moon Night
                         Year: [Don] Author: [The Evening] Genre:
[verse]                            The tides of the spring river are connected with Haiping, and the sea is bright and tidal.
                           滟滟 With the waves, where is Chunjiang without moon?
                           Jiang Liuwan turns around Fangdian, and the moonlight flower forests are like scorpions.
                           The air is not flowing, and the white sand is not visible.
                           Jiang Tian has no color and no dust.
                           Who is the first time on the river? Jiang Yuehe at the beginning of the year?
                           Life has been infinite for generations, and Jiang Yue is only similar in years.
                           I don't know who to stay in Jiangyue, but see the Yangtze River to send water.
                           The white clouds are going to go, and the Qingfeng Pu is not overwhelming.
                           Who is going tonight? Where is the Acacia Moon Tower?
                           Poorly upstairs on the moon, should be taken away from the mirror.
                           The jade curtain can't be rolled up, and the 砧 砧 anvil is still coming.
                           At this time, I don’t know each other. I hope that the moon will shine in the moon.
                           The geese are not flying long, and the dragons are diving into the water.
                           Last night, the dream of the pool was lost, and the poor spring did not return home.
                           The river runs through the spring, and the river and the river fall back to the west.
                           The slanting moon sinks into the sea fog, and the meteorite is infinite.
                           I do not know how many people return by the month? Falling flowers shake the river full of trees.
The "Spring River Flower Moon Night", which was praised by Mr. Wen Yiduo as "the poem in the poem, the peak of the peak" ("The Self-redemption of the Palace Poetry"), has caused countless readers to dump it for more than a thousand years. Zhang Ruoxu, who only left two poems in his life, also because of this poem, "I am so lonely, but for everyone."
The title of the poem is fascinating. Spring, river, flower, moon and night, these five things embodies the most beautiful scenery of life, and constitutes a wonderful artistic realm of seductive exploration.
The poet began to ask questions, and when he opened the book, he made a statement and produced a magnificent picture of the Spring Moon Night: Jiang Chao was connected to the sea. The "sea" here is a virtual finger. Jiang Chao is innocent, as if connected with the sea, magnificent. At this time, a bright moon with the tide, the scene is spectacular. A "birth" character gives life to the bright moon and the tide. The moonlight shines thousands of miles away, and which Chunjiang is not in the bright moon! The river bends around the spring wilderness of flowers and plants, and the moonlight lingers on the flower trees, like a layer of white snow. The poet is really a good hand for Danqing. The strange "flower" in the moonlight night of Chunjiang. At the same time, it has cleverly paid the title of "Spring River Flower Moonlight Night". The poet's observation of the moonlight is extremely subtle: the moonlight has washed away the fascinating colors of all things in the world, and has digested the world into a dreamlike silver color. Therefore, "the flow of frost does not fly", "white sand can not see", only the bright and bright moonlight exists. The delicate brushstrokes create a fabulous realm that makes the Spring River Moonlight Night look extraordinarily beautiful. These eight sentences, from big to small, from far and near, pen and ink gradually condensed in a round of lonely moon.
The clear and clear world universe, as if to enter a pure world, naturally caused the poet's meditation: "Where did the river see the moon? Jiang Yuehe at the beginning of the year?" The poet thought, but the poet Connected with life, exploring the philosophy of life and the mysteries of the universe. This kind of exploration has also existed in the ancients, such as Cao Zhi's "Send the Family": "There is no ultimate in heaven and earth, and human life is like a frost", "Zhu Huai": "Life is like dust, heaven is awkward", etc., but poetry Most of the themes are emotional and eternal, and life is short. Zhang Ruoxu is here, but his thoughts are not caught in the predecessors, but they have turned out the new meaning: "Life is infinitely generations, Jiang Yue is only similar in years." Personal life is fleeting, and human Existence is a long-lasting one, because the life of "infinite generations of generations" coexists with the bright moon of "only similar". This is a kind of relief that the poet feels from the beauty of nature. Although the poet has a short sentimentality to life, it is not decadent and desperate, but rather the pursuit and love of life. The keynote of the whole poem is "sorrow and not hurt", so that we can hear the echo of the sound of the early Tang Dynasty.
"I don't know who to stay in Jiangyue, but see the Yangtze River to send water." This is the "similarity" of the previous sentence. Life has been successive generations, Jiang Yue is like this every year. A round of lonely moon, like waiting for someone, but never can do. Under the moonlight, only the rapids of the river, the rushing away. With the flow of rivers, the poems are full of ripples, pushing poetry to a more profound realm. Jiang Yue has hate and ruthlessness. The poet naturally shifts the brushstroke from the natural scenery of the first half to the image of life, leading to the second half of the relationship between men and women.
The four sentences of "Baiyun" are always written in the thoughts of the two women in the Spring Festival. "Baiyun" and "Qingfengpu" are attached to the situation. The white clouds are floating, symbolizing the whereabouts of the "flat boat". “Qingfengpu” is a place name, but “Maple” and “Pu” are often used in poetry to identify other places and places. "Who's" and "Where" are two sentences that are justified by each other. Just because there is more than one family and one place, there is no hate. The poetry talents put forward such a question, a kind of lovesickness, which leads the two places to leave, one after another, The poetry is full of twists and turns. The following "poor" eight sentences take the "where" sentence, writing the thoughts of the woman's nostalgia. However, the poet does not directly say the sadness and tears of the woman, but uses the "month" to express her nostalgia, and the tears come out. The Psalm anthropomorphizes the "Month", and the word "徘徊" is extremely expressive: First, the clouds move, so the light and shadow are indefinite; the second is the moonlight with the pity of the woman, can not bear to go upstairs. It must be accompanied by the woman, to solve her problems, so that the soft Qinghui sprinkled on the makeup mirror, on the jade curtain, on the anvil. Unexpectedly, the woman thinks of the situation, but she misses it. She wants to get rid of this annoying moonlight, but the moonlight "can not go", "hey come back", sincerely attached to her. Here, the two infatuated movements of "volume" and "拂" vividly express the embarrassment and confusion of the inner feelings of the woman. The emotions caused by the moonlight are deeply disturbing her. At this moment, does the moonlight not follow the distant lover? Looking at the moonlight and not knowing each other, I have to rely on Mingyue Yao Send love to each other. Looking at the sky: Hongyan is flying far away, flying without the light and shadow of the moon, flying is also in vain; watching the river, the fish leaping in the deep water, just provoke ripples, and the jump is useless. "The ruler is in the fish intestines, and the heart is full of geese." To the fish geese who have been convinced of the letter, it is now impossible to deliver the audio – it’s hard to add!
In the last eight sentences, the poet wrote the flower, the water, and the moon to set off his thoughts. "Ban Zhouzi" even dreams of returning home - flowers fall into the pool, the spring will be old, people are still far away from the horizon, how embarrassing! The river flows spring, not only the natural spring, but also the youth, happiness and jealousy of the wanderer. The fall of the river and the river has brought out his bitter feelings. The heavy sea fog hides the moon; the meteorites, the Xiaoxiang, the heavens, how far the road is. The word "sinking" exaggerated his loneliness; "Infinite Road" also infinitely deepened his homesickness. He thought: In this beautiful spring of the Spring River, I do not know how many people can return to their hometown by the moon! His detached love, accompanied by the light of the moon, is sprinkled over the woods on the river...
"The moon falls over the river," this sentence "shakes" - the inexhaustible feelings of love, the moonlight, the feelings of the wanderer, the poet's feelings are intertwined into one, scattered on the river tree It is also sprinkled on the reader's heart, and the emotions are swaying, swaying and fascinating.
In the thought and art, "Spring River Flower Moonlight Night" has surpassed the philosophical poems of the simple model mountains and waters, the philosophical poems of "the infinite universe, the sorrow of the sorrows of the universe", and the love poems of children and children. The poet injects these new and traditional themes into a new meaning, integrating poetry, painting and philosophy. With the depiction of Chunjianghua Moonlight Night, I can admire the wonderful scenery of nature, sing the pure love of the world, and take the wanderer. The sympathy of the woman is expanded, combined with the pursuit of philosophy of life and the exploration of the mysteries of the universe, thus forming a beautiful and far-reaching mood of love, scenery, and water. The poet hides the beautiful art world in a fascinating artistic atmosphere. The whole poem seems to be enveloped in an ethereal and confused moonlight, attracting readers to explore the true meaning of beauty.
The whole poem is written with the background of spring, river, flower, moon and night, and the month is the main body. "Month" is a kind of scene in the poetry. It beats the pulse of the poet. It is like a bond of life in the whole poem. It runs through the top and bottom, touches the gods, and the poetry fluctuates with the birth and fall of the moon. The moon experienced a rise in the night - high suspension - west oblique - the process of falling. Under the light of the moon, rivers, beaches, sky, wilderness, maple, flower forest, flying frost, white to go, flat boat, high-rise, mirror, anvil, long-flying geese, diving dragon, sleepless woman As well as wandering wanderers, they form a complete poetry image and show a picture full of life philosophy and life. This picture is lightly shaded in color. Although it is dyed with ink, the "ink is multicolored", from the black and white complement, the virtual reality shows a gorgeous artistic effect, like an elegant Chinese ink painting, reflecting The beauty of the mood of the spring and night of the spring river.
The rhythm of the poetry is also distinctive. The poet's emotional melody in the poem is extremely sorrowful, but the melody is neither a sorrowful sorrow nor a slap in the face, but a serenade or a dreamlike song played by a violin. The inner feelings of the poem are so warm and deep, but it seems to be natural and peaceful. It is as regular and rhythmic as the pulse beats, and the rhythm of the poem also suppresses the roundabout accordingly. The whole poem has a total of thirty-six sentences, four sentences and one rhyme, and a total of nine rhymes. And the sound of Geng Yun began in the middle, the middle is the humming rhyme, the flat sound, the humming paper rhyme, the flat sound, the rhyme, the rhyme, the rhyme, the rhyme, and finally the end of the rhyme. The poet interacts with Yang Yun rhyme and Yin Yun rhyme, high and low sounds, followed by Hong Liang level (g, 霰, true) - fine pole (paper) - soft level (especial, gray) - Hong Liang level (text, Hemp) - subtle (acquired). With the change of rhyme and foot, the whole poems are intertwined and used. They sing three sighs, and the front and back should be repeated, and the loops are repeated, and the music rhythm is strong and beautiful. This kind of change in pronunciation and charm is in line with the ups and downs of poetry. It can be said that the feelings and the literary feelings are inseparable.
"Spring River Flower Moonlight Night" is the old title of Yuefu "Qingshang Qu. Wu Song". Who is the maker, the statement is different. Or say "unknown"; or Chen Zuozhuo; or the Emperor Sui. According to Guo Maoqian's "Lefu Poetry Collection", in addition to Zhang Ruoxu's first, there are two Emperors of the Emperor, Zhuge Ying, Zhang Zirong, and Wen Tingyi. They may appear to be in a narrow pattern, or appear to be too thick and fat, far less than Zhang Ruoxu. This old question, in the hands of Zhang Ruoxu, burst into a splendid color and gained an immortal artistic life. Today, people don't even go to the original founder of the old question, but the true creation of the poem "Spring River Flower Moonlight" is attributed to Zhang Ruoxu.

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