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Song of Everlasting Hatred

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"The Song of Everlasting Sorrow"
               The Emperor of the Han Dynasty re-emphasized the country and Yu Yu could not ask for it for many years. The Yang family has grown up as a woman, and she is not known in the deep.
               Natural beauty is difficult to give up, once chosen on the side of the king. Looking back at a smile, Bai Meisheng, Liu Gongfen no color.
               Spring cold baths Huaqing pool, hot spring water wash gel. The waiter helped the young and weak, and it was the time when the new Cheng Enze.
               Yunxiaohua Yanjin stepping, Furong account warmth spring. Spring is bitter and short, and the king is not early.
               Cheng Huan’s banquet has no leisure time, and the spring is from the spring night. Three thousand people in the harem, three thousand pets in love.
               Jinwu makeup became a cozy night, and the jade banquet was drunk and spring. Sisters and brothers are all in the land, and the poor light is the gateway to life.
               The order of the parents of the world, not reborn male and female. The high point of the palace is in Qingyun, and the fairy music is everywhere.
               Slow-song and slow-moving condensed silk bamboo, the king of the day is not enough. Yu Yangyu agitated and stunned the neon feathers.
               The city of Jiuzhong is smoky and smoked. Tsui Wah swayed and went back to the west for more than a hundred miles.
               The Sixth Army did not help but succumb to the death of the moth. The flower garden has no one to accept, and the Cuiqiao gold bird jade head.
               The king can't save his face and look back at the blood and tears. The yellow scent is sloppy and the wind is sorrowful.
               There are few people in the mountains, and the flag is thin and thin. The waters of the Lancang River are green and the mountains are sacred.
               The palace is sad and the night is raining. Tianxuan turned back to Longyan, and I can't go here.
               In the mud under the horses, there is no death in Yuyan. The monarch and the minister are all intimately attached to each other.
               Returning to the pool is still the same, too liquid hibiscus Weiyang Liu. Furong is like a face like Liu Mei, how to not tears on this.
               The spring breeze peach blossoms bloom at night, and the autumn rain phoenix leaves fall. There are many autumn grasses in the west palace, and the leaves are full of red.
               The pear garden disciple is white-haired, and the pepper house is a young man. The eve of the phoenix flying quietly quietly, the lonely lamp did not sleep.
               Late in the long night, the Xing Xing River wants to smash the sky.鸳鸯瓦冷霜Huazhong, who is the emerald?
               Long life and death, other years, the soul has never come to dream. Linyi Taoist Hongdu guest, can be sincere to soul.
               In order to reflect on the king's exhibition, the martyrdom of the martyrdom is diligent. Draining the air and running like electricity, soaring into the ground.
               On the poor, the blue sky fell, and neither of them was seen. Suddenly there is a fairy mountain at sea, and the mountain is in nothing.
               The pavilion is exquisite and five clouds, of which there are many fairy. One of the characters is too real, and the snow is awkward.
               Jin Yu Xi Xiang Yu Yuxi, transferred to Xiaoyu Bao Shuangcheng. I heard the story of the Han family, and the dream of Jiuhua’s account was shocked.
               The pillow is pushed up and the silver screen of the bead is opened. The clouds are half-new and sleep, and the corolla does not come down.
               The wind blows the fairy, and it flutters like a neon feather dance. Yu Rong is lonely and tears dry, and a pear blossoms with spring rain.
               Containing love and sorrow, Xie Junwang, a different voice. The Zhaoyang Temple is full of love, and the Penglai Palace is long and long.
               Looking back at people, I don’t see Chang’an seeing the dust. Only the old things will be sentimental, and the alloy will be sent.
               One share of one is reserved, and the gold is divided into two. But the heart is like Jin Jianjian, and the heavens and the earth will meet each other.
               Parting and diligently reposting the words, there are vows in the words. Changsheng Temple on July 7th, when no one is whispering in the night;
               In the day of the wish to be a lovebird, in the land is willing to be a branch. It’s a long time and a long time, this hate is endless!
   This is a famous long narrative poem. With "long hate" as the center, it vividly depicts the love story and the tragic ending of Tang Xuanzong and Yang Guifei. The rather complicated plot, with only a few words of refinement, confesses the past, and focuses on the rendering of emotions. The poet wrote the cause of the tragedy from the perspective of reflection, but placed sympathy and regret on the protagonist in the tragedy. The whole poem has been written with exquisiteness, but it has not lost its grace and luxury. There is no such thing as a slimness. It is a tragedy, but it is so detached. It is a wonderful example of both romance and classical. After reading, it makes people feel sorrowful and sings for the ages.
    There has always been a debate about the theme of Song of Everlasting Sorrow. Or criticize the "Han Huang heavy color" misunderstanding; or Yunge 咏 Li Yang love; or cloud both. However, the value of literary works does not end with the "theme." Judging from the author's creative intentions, "The Song of Everlasting Sorrow" means "long hate of songs" and sings long hatred of love. Bai Juyi said that "a long hate has a style" ("The compilation of poems into a fifteenth volume due to the end of the drama to give Yuan Jiu Li 12"), indicating that the author is the song for the "style" and made this poem. The poem is divided into four paragraphs, first writing a love scene, highlighting the beauty of Yang and Xuanzong's fascination with her, and ridiculing Xuanzong for ignoring the female color and misunderstanding the state. The second writing was changed to death, the tragedy was cast, and the Xuanzong was broken. This is the way of sorrow and sorrow and extreme contrast. Rewriting things is a hopeless and unforgettable thought. Finally, write the long-term hatred of heaven and man. So happy and sad, and hate, constitute the emotional context of the whole poem, in which the causal relationship is close and distinct.

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