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Disciple Guizhi's Letter

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Everyone who speaks a letter is a swindle and a swearer can say that it is worse than a singularity, but it is not a slap in the face, but it’s not a slap in the face. The light promises to advance and retreat, the words are heavy, and the words are not urgent, and they are not ambiguous. They say that if they say that they are short, they don’t care about their own affairs, that they are good, that is, when they think about it, they will go to the distance, and then they will see the people. Only the talents of the ethics are not as good as the people. If the clothes are not as good as the people, they should not be rumored, the anger, the reputation, the loss, the friend, the friend, the reputation, the sorrow, the sorrow, the sorrow, the sorrow, the ignorance Evil can be changed to nothing to hide.
Whenever you speak, you must first pay attention to credit. The words that are fraudulently false can always work in society. It is much better to say less, and the truth is true. Don’t talk about unrealistic rhetoric. The words of arguing, the dirty words and the popular tone of the rogues must be effectively quit. I haven't seen the truth of the matter, I don't easily express my opinions, I don't know enough about things, I don't spread them easily, I feel that things are not appropriate, don't agree easily, and if I can easily promise, I will make myself dilemma. Talking and speaking should be steady and comfortable. Don't talk too fast and too urgent, or say that the words are vague and unclear, which makes people unclear or wrong. When you meet someone else's talk about what is good or bad, don't worry about it if you have nothing to do with it. Seeing the merits and demerits of others, the mind raised a good idea to be in line with him. Although it is still far away, as long as you work hard, you can gradually catch up. Regardless of whether it is good or small, we must have the confidence of Qiqi and the courage of encouragement. Xiaoshan will quit and refrain from doing it, and the opportunity to do great good will also be grasped in time, and I will try my best to reluctantly. When you see someone committing sin, your heart will reflect on yourself first. If you make the same mistake, you will immediately change it. If you don't, you will be more alert and not commit the same mistake. When morality and talent are not as good as others, you should self-improve your efforts to catch up. As for wearing clothes and eating less than others, you don't have to worry or be depressed. I hear people say that my fault is angry, praise me, I am happy, so bad friends will be more and more, sincere and beneficial friends will not dare to be with us. If you hear others praise me for self-reflection, I am afraid that I do not have these advantages, but I have no illusory name; when I hear others criticize my fault, my heart is happy to accept, then the more honest and honest people like to be close to us. It is not a fault to deliberately make a mistake. It is a fault. If it is known to commit a crime, it is sin. If you accidentally make a mistake, you will be brave enough to make more mistakes, and you will lose more and more. If you deliberately cover up your fault, you will add a cover-up sin.
   In the "Letter" of the disciples' rules, we must learn that we must be honest in our lives, and we must be based on society without trust. Hui Tingfang has always adhered to the basic principle of "doing things right, integrity first". The gentleman said that it is difficult to chase after the horse, not to talk about it, to do things seriously, always think for others, and to make the greatest efforts for the needs and interests of customers.

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