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Reviewing the Three-Character Classic

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At the beginning of man, sex is good. Similar in sex, Xi Xiangyuan. I don’t teach, and sex is moving. The way of teaching, expensive to special. Meng Mengmu, choose a neighbor. The child does not learn, and the machine is broken. Dou Yanshan, has a righteous side. Teach the five sons, and they are famous.
Do not teach, the father has. The teaching is not strict, the teacher is lazy. It is not appropriate for the child to learn. Young does not learn, what is old. Jade is not cut, not a device. People don't learn, they don't know righteousness. For the Son of Man, Fang Shaoshi. Dear teacher and teacher, Xi etiquette.
Xiang Jiu-ling, can be warm. Filial piety, dedication. Melt four years old and make pears. The younger brother, the prophet. The first filial piety, I saw it. Know a certain number, know a certain text. One to ten, ten and one hundred. Hundreds and thousands.
Three talented people, heaven and earth. Three light, the sun and the moon. The three mains, the monarchy. Father and son, couples are smooth. Spring and summer, autumn and winter. This is four o'clock.曰 North and South, west of the West. This Quartet should be in the middle.
. These five elements are the same. Yan Renyi, Li Zhixin. This five constants are insurmountable. Rice bran, wheat bran. This six valleys are eaten by people. Horse cattle and sheep, chicken dogs. This six animals are fed by people.
I am angry and sorrowful. Love evil, seven emotions. □ earth leather, wood stone gold. With silk bamboo, it is an octave. Gao Zengzu, the father and the body. Being alone, son and grandson. Since the children, to Yuan Zeng. It is the Nine, and it is the best.
Father and son, the couple from. Brother is friends, brother is Christine. Long and young, friends and friends. Jun is respectful, and Chen is loyal. This ten meanings are the same.
Everyone who teaches Mongolia must pay attention to it. Detailed training, reading the famous sentence. For scholars, there must be a beginning. At the end of elementary school, to the fourth book. The Analects of Confucius, twenty. Group disciples, remember good words. Mencius, seven articles. Speak morality and say righteousness.
Do the middle, the child thinks. It is not easy to be in the middle. As a university, it is a child. Self-cultivation, to the rule. Filial piety, four books cooked. Such as the six classics, can be read. Poetry and book, Yi Chunqiu. No. six, when asked.
There are even mountains, and there are hidden. There are Zhou Yi, three easy to understand. There are fines and instructions. There is an oath, the book is Austrian. I am a public, Zhou Li. With the six senses, the body is preserved. Size wear, note. Saying the Word, ritual and music.
曰国风,曰雅颂. No. 4 poems, when it is ironic. Poetry is dead, spring and autumn. Don't be good or evil. Three passers, there are rams. There is a left, there is a beam. After reading, the reader reads. Take care of it and remember it.
The five sons, there are Yang Yang. Wen Zhongzi, and Lao Zhuang.
Through the sub-pass, read the history. The examination system, knowing the beginning. From the farmer to the Yellow Emperor. No. Three Emperor, living in the world. Tang Youzhen, No. 2 Emperor. Xiangxun, called Shengshi. Xia Youzhen, Shang Youtang. Zhou Wenwang, called the three kings.
Xia Chuanzi, the world. For four hundred years, Qianxia Society. Tang Huaxia, the national number. Six hundred years, to death. Zhou Wuwang, always swearing. Eight hundred years, the longest. Zhou Yidong, Wang Gangyu.逞干戈, still swims.
Beginning of the Spring and Autumn Period, the Warring States. Five fighters strong, seven male out. Qin Qin, began to merge. Passed the second world, Chu Han fight. Gao Zuxing, Han Yejian. To Xiao Ping, Wang Hao. Guangwuxing is the Eastern Han Dynasty. For four hundred years, I finally offered it.
Wei Wei Wu, contending for Han Ding. No. Three countries, as of the two Jin. Song Qiji, Liang Chencheng. For the Southern Dynasties, both Jinling. Northern Yuan Wei, divided into things. Yu Wenzhou, Xing Gaoqi.迨 to 隋, a Tuyu. No longer passed, lost control.
Tang Gaozu, the uprising division. In addition to chaos, create a country. Twenty, three hundred years. Liang Yizhi, the country is changing. Yan Song Xing, by Zhou Zen. Eighteen pass, North and South mixed. Liao Yujin, are called emperors. Tai Zuxing, Guo Daming.
No. Hongwu, both Jinling. Yan Chengzu, moved Yanjing. XVI, to Chongzhen. After the trouble, you will be jealous.闯 Inverter, artifact end. Qing Shunzhi, according to Jingjing. To the Tenth, Xuan Tongxun. Take the president and reunion.
Fu Han soil, the Republic of China.
The second history, all in the z. Carrying out chaos, knowing the rise and fall. Read the history book and test the record. Through the ancient and modern, if you look at the eyes. The mouth is stunned, the heart is only. Towards, Xi Yusi. Xi Zhongni, teacher □. Ancient sage, still diligent.
Zhao Zhongling, read Lu. He is both a teacher, a student and a diligent person. Phi woven, cut bamboo slips. He has no books and knows what to do. Head cantilever, cone thorn. He does not teach, since hard work. Such as sacred fire, such as Ying Xue. Although the family is poor, the school does not suffix.
Such as a negative salary, such as hanging corners. Although he is working hard, he still has a hard time. Su Laoquan, twenty-seven. Be angry and read books. He is old and he regrets being late. Er Xiaosheng, should think early. If Liang □, eighty-two. For the court, the Kudus.
He is a good person and everyone is different. Er Xiaosheng, Yi Lizhi. Ying is eight years old and can recite poetry. It is seven years old and can be given. He Yingwu, people are amazing. Early childhood, it works. Cai Wenji, can distinguish the piano. Thank you, you can.
He is a woman, and she is smart. Man, when you are a police officer. Tang Liu Wei, Fang is seven years old. Give a child prodigy and make a positive character. Although he is young, he is a young man. Early childhood studies, awkward. If you are a person, if you are. Dogs watch the night, chicken morning. I don’t want to learn, I’m a man. Silkworms silk, silk honey. People don't learn, not as good as things. Young and learning, strong and good. Shang Zhijun, Xiazawamin. Famous reputation, showing parents. Before the light, it is later.
People's remains, Jin Manzhen. I teach children, only one. Hard work, no benefit. After the ring, it should be a force.
 The "Three Character Classics" has given us a lot of inspirations. Let's revisit it today with Hui Tingfang Xiaobian!
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