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Song Head in Water Tune

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When the moon is shining, ask the wine for the sky.
                           I don’t know what the palace is, what year is it?
                           I want to go home by the wind, and I am afraid of Qiu Yuyu,
                           The height is not cold.
                           Dancing clear shadow, like in the world!

                           Turn Zhuge, low tenants, and sleepless.
                           There should be no hate, what should be long-term?
                           People have joys and sorrows, and the moon is cloudy and full,
                           This matter is difficult.
                           Nung, moon and new moon.

    This popular Mid-Autumn Festival word was written in the Song Nongzong Xining Nine Years (1076), the Mid-Autumn Festival in Bingchen, which is the author's drunken sensation and misses his brother Su Shi's work.
    This first word is the masterpiece of Su Shi's philosophical words. The word fully embodies the author's comprehensive understanding and understanding of the eternal universe and the complex and varied human society. It is a small summary of the author's worldview through the observation of the moon and the people. . The author is admiring the changes of the past and the present, feeling the flow of the universe, and is lax in the sea. In the atmosphere of the moon and the sky, the infiltration of a strong philosophical meaning reveals the wisdom of life and achieves a high degree of harmony between man and the universe, nature and society.
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