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Song of Guerrilla

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Zhengqi Ge (Wen Tianxiang)
Yu prisoner Beiting, sitting in a soil room. The room is eight feet wide and can be found in four places.
The single squat is low, the white is short and narrow, and it is dirty and dark. When this summer,
Everything is pleasing: four episodes of rain, a few floating beds, and water vapor;
The mud is half-faced, steamed for a long time, when it is rustic; it is hot and sunny,
When the wind is in the middle of the road, the time is the day; the salary of the sinister yin, which encourages inflammation,
When it is anger; when it is rotted, Chen Chen is forced, when it is rice;
Shoulder smashing, licking sweat, when it is popular; or licking, or ruining, or rot,
When the anger is mixed, the time is suffocating. The stack is a number of gas, and the ones are not too bad.
And to be weak, to admire, in the second year of Yuz, fortunately, innocent,
It’s a good time to raise it. However, what do you know about your health? Mencius said: "I am good at raising my strength.
He has seven qi, I have one qi, one enemy seven, why do I suffer!
The condition of Hao Haoran, the righteousness of heaven and earth, is also a song of righteousness. Heaven and earth have righteousness,
Mixed with manifolds. The next is He Yue, and the upper is Sun Star. Yu Ren Haoran,
Pei Sai Cang. The emperor road is Qing Yi, including and Tu Mingting. When the poor is seen,
One by one, Dan Danqing. In Qi Taishi Jane, in the Jin Dong Fox pen. In Qin Zhang Liang,
At Han Su Wu Festival. In order to strictly control the head of the army, it is necessary to serve the blood. For Zhang Yuyang,
For Yan Changshan tongue. Or for the Liaodong cap, Qingchao Li Bingxue. Or for the teacher's watch,
Ghosts and gods are sore. Or for the Dujiangyan, generously swallowed Hu. Or for thieves,
The reverse vertical head ruptured. It’s awe-inspiring, and it’s soaring. As it passes through the sun and the moon,
Life and death. The land is revived, and the Tianzhu is respected. Three classes are real,
Morality is the root.嗟予遘阳九, Li is also not effective. Chu prisoners lick their crowns,
Pass the car to the poor north. Ding Yi is as sweet as you can, and you can't get it.阴房阗鬼火,
The spring courtyard is closed. The burdock is the same soap, and the chicken eats the phoenix food. Once in the mist,
Divided into a ditch. So hot and cold again, Baiyi is easy to make. Mourning sorrow,
For my comfort. He is so well-behaved that yin and yang can't be thieves. Take care of this,
Looking up at the clouds. I am sad, and there is a great sky. The philosopher is far away,
The pawn was in the past. The wind shows the book, the ancient road color.
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