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Ten good habits to develop when you mix in a river or lake

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"People are good at being a teacher," and I am particularly annoyed to teach others. One is to think that everyone's situation is different and it is difficult to generalize. Those who claim that his success can be copied are not to lie to you to buy books, but to teach you to copy fakes and deceive people. Second, I will talk, you will listen, it is basically useless. I will talk about it well.

"Yi Jin Jing", you listen well, you still won't Shaolin Wugong.

Therefore, you want to listen to me, what should I pay attention to when I first enter the workplace, make me embarrassed, think about it, or talk about good habits. Mix in the rivers and lakes, develop good habits first, others are in your own traits and creation.

The first habit is timely. The SMS message received must be replied within 24 hours. The signal is not an excuse. I made an appointment, and I had to arrive in time. Beijing traffic was blocked and the alarm clock was not ringing. It was no excuse for your mother to forget to wake you up.

The second habit is closeness. In spite of the explosion of information, it is necessary to learn not to look at it. Long-term reading of two or more financial journals, knowing what has recently become a big fool. Read more than two professional journals for a long time and know what is the latest and coolest.

The third habit is learning. You must read at least four serious books a year. The definition of a serious book is that it is not usually available at the airport, not in the past five years. It is not that you can not be sleepy.

The fourth habit is to write a pen. In this world, there are fewer and fewer young people who can understand and write clearly, and more and more young people with low-handedness. Write at least four articles a year, each with at least two thousand words. The process of writing is also a process of calmness, thinking and conciseness, as if to avoid the crowd, hold your breath, and look up to see the moon.

The fifth habit is to strengthen. Exercise at least half an hour a day, such as stretching, yoga, standing, sitting. Get a special workout once a week for more than two hours. Keeping your body healthy and not taking sick leave often is also the basic quality of professional managers.

The sixth habit is hobbies. Trying to develop a hobby that you can enjoy for a long time is not complicated, such as being in a daze, standing upside down, or even not being able to do much better than others, such as taking selfies and raising flowers. Work can sometimes be annoying and you have to learn to get rid of it. A lot of quarrels, if both sides of the quarrel are shut up, go back to the room to daze, take a selfie, close your eyes, sleep, the next day will basically find that there is no need to quarrel.

The seventh habit is standing. In addition to sleeping, the phone should be turned on, so that your colleagues can find you. If you are on a business trip with your superiors, your phone will almost always be in your hand. It’s no excuse for the phone to be out of power. Even if you are using an iPhone, you can also have an external battery.

The eighth habit is execution. Everything is difficult at the beginning, so when you see something, you set it up and start right away. Don't start, the thoughts about this matter will occupy your memory for a long time. When you see it, you will do it.

The ninth habit is obedience. I received a job that seemed unreasonable, and I refused to complain or complain immediately. First, fully communicate with the superiors and understand the tasks from his perspective. Sometimes, your request for this job is much higher than the requirements of the superior. Second, reduce your own requirements, be confident, and don't have to do everything to get a hundred percent. Third, the above two can't solve the unhappiness, let go of themselves and obey.

The tenth habit is retraction. Under the sun, the runners may not arrive first, and the fighters may not be able to win. Classmates, after graduating from school, no longer everything is an exam, no longer every exam you have to get full marks and take the first. Retracting is a technique that no one teaches you at school. The first step in practice is to be confident and not to be victorious.

Of course, if you say that these habits are too vulgar and you want to laugh out loud, these secular habits can be ignored. Beyond my heart, I wish you to find unseen forests, caves that don't need to be renovated, monks who don't engage in government relations, and girls who don't love money.
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